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Penny Finch loves books. She's always loved books, particularly the mysteries, which is why she ended up being a librarian. Initially she was employed at the large main library in the town of Winstoke, but not long after she arrived put forward a proposal to the council. With Hampsworthy Downs being made up of 6 villages and hamlets, and many of the residents being elderly, it was almost impossible, especially during the winter months, for them to be able to travel. A mobile library would be a life saver for many. Not only a chance to pick up books for the week, but to get out and about and socialise. The council agreed unanimously, but said there was only a very small budget to assist with the project. So, with the help of her father Albert, Penny set to converting her Volkswagen camper van. A bright lime green with a white roof. And once it was complete, stocked up with as many books as she could fit on the newly installed shelving and began life as a mobile librarian.
She's in her late thirties, a staunch animal lover, vegetarian, a trained first aider (very useful when dealing with her elderly clientele) and a collector of quirky teapots and various sorts of tea to brew in them.
She's ably assisted in her sleuthing by her very clever and intuitive Jack Russell Terrier, Fischer, whom she rescued, and between the pair of them they sniff out clues and dig up trouble around the downs. Sometimes they even make things better and actually solve a case.
But she couldn't do it without the combined knowledge and friendship of the local characters. When you live in a series of small English villages, gossip is a way of life, and that's a boon for an amateur sleuth.
Penny Finch mobile librariand and amateur sleuth in the popular British cozy mystery series Finch and Fischer by British author J. New
Fischer Finch the exceptionally clever dog detective in the popular British cozy mystery series by author J. New


Penny's little dog epitomises the breed. Lively, happy and energetic, he's also exceptionally clever. He relishes being taught tricks by Sheila Finch, Penny's mum, and entertains many of the library visitors. Most of whom come with treats in their pockets ready. He likes to dig and has helped Penny numerous times to unearth a clue or two. Unusually, one thing Fischer doesn't like is water. But this stems from his experience as a young puppy. While not common knowledge it's likely at some point this story will be told.
Susie Hughes junior reporter with the Winstoke Gazette as featured in the popular British cozy mystery series Finch and Fischer by British author J. New


Susie is Penny’s best friend, they’ve known one another since childhood. She's a junior reporter with The Winstoke Gazette. It's thanks to Penny she was promoted as Penny gives her the exclusives on the investigations. Susie is a good ‘sounding board’ for Penny and obtains additional information for her due to her position  and by mining the knowledge of her colleagues. She's someone Penny can relax and wind down with. Susie’s husband James has left. She is still in the family home with her children Billy and Ellen.  
Detective Inspector John Monroe with Winstoke station as featured in the popular British mystery series Finch and Fischer by British author J. New


Originally from the Peak District, where he grew up with two sisters, both of whom are now married with children, Detective Inspector John Monroe recently moved to Winstoke. As he settles in he becomes frustrated, exasperated and amused in equal measure at Penny's attempts to investigate the crimes. But from the outset there has been a mutual spark of attraction, and the more she gets into trouble the more concerned he becomes about her safety. It remains to be seen whether they get together.

Retired head teacher Mr. George Kelly, amateur sleuth as featured in the popular British cozy mystery series Finch and Fischer mysteries


Mr. Kelly is the retired head teacher of the local primary school, who, like Penny, is an avid reader of all kinds of mysteries. He assists with the sleuthing when he is able, and is excellent at helping her brainstorm through a sticky problem. He's adept at ‘talking out’ the investigations, and is particularly good at ‘overhearing’ conversations, sorting the gossip from the relevant pieces of genuine information and observing actions. All of which he then reports back to Penny. He says helping her makes him feel young again.