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In her mid forties, Lilly Tweed is the former Agony Aunt with the local Plumpton Mallet Gazette. Made redundant she consolidated her savings and opened The Tea Emporium in the town's market square, where she blends and dispenses health teas to her customers, along with help and advice as she's still sought as an agony aunt. She has been diagnosed with Hyper-empathy syndrome, a disorder meaning she is highly tuned to the emotions of others. It's what made her an effective advice columnist, but it comes with a toll on her health. She is under the care of Dr Jorgenson who helps her regulate her emotions and ensures she practices self-care. 
Becoming an amateur sleuth was purely by accident, as to her horror she was implicated in the crime and had to clear her name. However she found she was rather good at it, and has helped solve a number of cases in the town, alongside her old friend Bonnie Phillips who is the lead detective, her former work colleague Archie Brown. Shop manager, young American Stacey Pepper, and former arch nemesis, Abigail Douglas.  
She lives in a cottage on the outskirts of town with Earl Grey, the shop cat who wandered in one day, beaten up, scarred, and with half his left ear missing, and adopted her. He sleeps in the shop window during the day and is a draw for customers.
She bicycles to work when the weather is good, and uses it as a prop outside her shop, filling the large wicker basket with flowers and seasonal decorations. It's an old fashioned one and a bit of a bone shaker, like her car. Both are a bit archaic.
Married young and now divorced she's quite happy living alone. But there is a little romance on the horizon coming from a most unexpected quarter.
Meet Lilly Tweed, former Agony Aunt advice columnist, now Purveyor of Fine Teas and Accidental Sleuth, as featured in the immensely popular Tea and Sympathy cozy culinary mystery series by British author J. New
Archie Brown senior crime reporter with The Plumpton Mallet Gazette, as featured in the hugely popular Tea and Sympathy cozy culinary mystery series by British author J. New


Archie Brown is the head crime reporter at the local paper, and Lilly's former colleague. He has a penchant for tailored clothing, is very generous, has an archaic turn of phrase, and a wicked sense of humour. The eternal bachelor until Lilly left the paper, then he realised what he was missing. He's a great help and support to Lilly, particularly when certain aspects of her sleuthing become overwhelming. He's also her number one supporter. He counts Bonnie as his lead source for all things crime in Plumpton Mallet, although she's definitely the one who calls the shots. He's easy going the majority of the time, but doesn't suffer fools and can't abide injustice or bullying of any kind. 
Stacey Pepper, American student at Plumpton Mallet University, as vfeatured in the hugely popular British cozy culinary mystery series by author J. New

Stacey Pepper

This young American girl is a student at the local university and rather like Earl Grey turned up one day and never left. She's now the manager of both The Tea Emporium and the Agony Aunt's Café, becoming indispensable to Lilly. She has an English father whom she hadn't seen since she was a child. Her intention was to come to the UK to get to know him and forge a relationship. She's one of the first to encourage Lilly in her sleuthing activities, and runs the business which allows Lilly the time to do so. She is knowledgeable about the teas, popular with customers, hard working, energetic and fun. She keeps things light and doesn't let Lilly get too serious about herself.
Bonnie Phillips, lead detective with Plumpton Mallet's police force, as featured in the popular British cozy culinary mystery series Tea and Sympathy, by author J. New


Detective Bonnie Phillips has been friends with Lilly for years. She's the one who is usually the lead investigator on the crimes Lilly is snooping into. She would rather her friend got on with the business of running the tea shop and leave the official police work to her, but she does admit Lilly has a knack for finding pertinent clues and leads. In the more difficult cases it has been known for her to seek her friend's help, although in an unofficial and hush-hush capacity. As the only woman surrounded by men at the police station, Bonnie has to work twice as hard to gain the respect of her peers, and prove her worth. Something that irritates her, but that she does well. Particularly with a little help from her friends.
Abigail Douglas, former agony aunt with the Plumpton mallet Gazette, as featured in the hugely popular British cozy culinary mystery series Tea and Sympathy by British author J. New


Abigail arrived in Plumpton Mallet to take over Lilly's former job as Agony Aunt when the gazette was bought by a larger concern. Suffice to say she made a mess of it. Realising Lilly was still giving advice she was furious and set out to make her life miserable and difficult. She succeeded to some extent but Lilly realised there must be more to the story. She put on her sleuthing hat and began to investigate. She quickly found the reason for Abigail's brash, rude and over-bearing persona and they called a truce. Abigail also has therapy with Dr Jorgenson and with help from Lilly has started a new life and is much happier. No longer an agony aunt, a job to which she was ill-suited, she has discovered a talent she excels in.